Today I am going to share two very special sessions with a wonderful woman.

My dear friend Tina moved to Charleston almost a year and a half ago. She had traveled the world and live in the DC area for many years. Finding Charleston during those travels she decided to come to here once she retired from her work in DC, as she wanted to live by the ocean.

We met by happen chance really. At a networking lunch we were introduced and hit it off right away. We got the chance to meet up for a coffee and decided to stay in touch. Tina was such an encouraging woman. She spent a good bit of time helping grow my business and became a wonderful friend.

I came to her home several times over the year for gatherings with friends and great conversations. When it came time for her to update her head shot she asked if I would be willing to help. We decided to do it in her home with a backdrop and my professional lighting. I enjoy getting the chance to come to the home of a client to do head shots as it is a more relaxed environment for them. It also ends up being a lot fun as we get the chance to go through their closet and pick the best outfits.

After the head shots, she liked the images so much we decided to do a portrait session with her daughter when she came to visit. Tina was so very proud of her daughter and the young woman she has become. She would talk about her often and kept saying how excited she was about us getting the opportunity to meet.

When it finally came to the time for the portrait session, I was excited very much to meet Peyton as well. We decided to do the shoot on Daniel Island were Tina called home. We picked the Children’s Park to do the shoot as it was very close to the water and yet still a playful location. We met there on a Saturday morning and as they arrived Peyton and I recognized each other.

Peyton graduated from College of Charleston not long ago. We met at a wedding for a mutual friend from the college about a year earlier. She is such a lovely young woman, much like her mother spirited and full hearted. I was delighted to have gotten the chance to see her again and to learn that Tina was her mother.

We went through the shoot with joy, laughter and tons of clear skies. It was wonderful getting the chance to take this session as the last time they had images together was when Peyton was very young. After the session Tina picked the images that she loved, and I sent them to her.  We had talked about getting together to create wall art and prints, but time seemed to slip by.

We kept up with each other and we saw each other often as the year went by, but Tina was not feeling well. The last time I saw Tina was at a Mount Pleasant Chamber Luncheon. She was all smiles and we talked about having her do a short video about her experience during the sessions we shared.

About a month later Tina was gone. At her celebration of life Peyton and I talked about how happy she was that we did a portrait session so now she has those pictures to now treasure. Tina’s sister told me that Tina thought the world of me and my talent. One of her dear friends informed me that every time Tina saw her she wanted to show her the pictures of her and Peyton. I am honored to have known Tina as her presence in my life has made me a better person.

I am so blessed I got the chance to know this beautiful, strong, fearless, and inspiring woman. I am also thankful to her for reminding me how precious life, time and pictures can be to those who we love and always want to remember. Thank you, Tina, for being an inspiring woman in my life, but mostly for allowing me to be your friend.  A Friendship I will treasure for the rest of your life.