You never know how you will make a connection.

This beautiful couple lives in Charlette North Carolina. They were coming to the Charleston area to celebrate their 25th Wedding anniversary. The wife was on the phone with a local restaurant setting reservations for a nice dinner out and asked if they knew of a photographer.

The woman on the phone said I know the perfect person for you both. That’s where I came in. I got an email and called shortly after to talk with this beautiful couple. She informed me that every year they celebrated their anniversary buy wearing her wedding dress. I was shocked and delighted to hear about this beautiful tradition they shared each year.

She also mentioned how she was a scrap booker and wanted some amazing images for their 25th to have to add to her book. I was happy to tell her that I used to scrap book as well and I was sure we would be able to get her what she was looking for in Charleston. The last request was for a picture with a balcony or porch downtown.

I was not so sure that I could do that. I knew that there were many amazing places downtown, but most balcony’s or porches were private property. I had to start thinking what I could do. I looked through connections and reached out to people around the downtown area. I was very lucky to hear that the John Rutledge House welcomed photographers to come to their place and take pictures.

When the couple arrived for the session it was a perfect day. I was amazed as she pulled her scrapbook out to show me the other years of pictures they had taken at their anniversary’s. Even ones with her two children and she still there in her wedding dress. She looked just as beautiful and timeless in this dress.

We started at the John Rutledge House and then started walking through the streets to White Point Garden. Throughout this session we stopped at beautiful locations, talked/laughed about life and took some amazing images along the way. This was a wonderful session as we connected so well and had such a lovely time getting to know each other.

At the end of the session they were surprised that an hour had passed by so quickly. The husband even commented that he was not sure about hiring a professional photographer, but he had such a wonderful time he would of course do it again. We then said our goodbyes and parted.

A few weeks later I sent them the gallery with their images. They picked their favorites and to my surprise she tagged me in a post of the finished scrap book work. The images and scrapbook work were wonderful. This session is one that I will always remember and love until the end of my days. Thank you to this amazing couple for showing me what a loving couple after so much time really is like and give me hope to my future.