This session was one of a kind. I met Stewart at a Networking event one even and we talked head shots. He seemed to need a new one and as we talked he got more excited about doing some for his whole family.

On a Monday afternoon I traveled to his home in the old village of Mount Pleasant with my movable studio. It is helpful being able to come to my clients to do head shots and set up as if we were in a private studio.

I pulled up and knocked on the door. Stewart welcomed me in and showed me around the house and introduced me to his wife and daughter. His wife works in real estate and needed the head shot since her last one was pretty old at this point. His daughter was just about to go out into the professional world and her father thought she needed a good head shot to have when she started interviewing.

I ended up setting up in their hallway by their front door as the rest of the house had a good bit of beautiful furniture. Stewart was impressed with all the equipment I had in my car. I normally travel with two lights, umbrellas, and my head shot background. I have additional lighting and lots of backgrounds, but the stuff I normally travel with does the trick.

We started off with Stewart doing a few images of him for this professional profile. It was fun having his wife and daughter as he tried to keep it together as they were helping him to relax. I then started with his wife. She was a great person to photograph as I am sure she has had many pictures over the years.

Then we moved to their daughter. She was not really sure what she wanted to do. We started off with a few natural ones with her hair down. Then we talked about the professionalism of how we want to look to businesses. We went over everything from dress to posing and how to get your personality through a picture.

After we finished the professional head shot session I asked them about a few family pictures since I was all set up. We ended up getting some great images of mom and dad, then the whole family too. Nothing to detailed but just pure fun.

I then packed up and moved everything back into my car. Stewart commented how odd it looked to have his front hall turned into a studio and then back again. Another story for him to share when he has guests to visit.

I enjoy transforming a small space into my studio and back again. Like a magician disappears and reappears in the same location.