When it comes to Charleston it is honestly one of the most beautiful places in the United States to take picture. Which allows so many amazing places for pictures and family moments. But have we forgotten about our own backyard?


Sometimes these sessions work best especially with younger and older family members. These images were taken in the backyard of the grandparents’ home. Great grandmother was visiting, and the family wanted some generational images to keep.

I took each grandchild out back for their own individual portrait session. This allowed each child to have their own time to be the stars of the session. We got a lot of great images and a good many funny ones as well. After they both had a images taken they got to go inside for snacks and a break. Then we brought out the adults. Taking images of them together that made a personal connection.

We finished the session by bringing the children back in at the end for group images. This allowed everyone to get exactly what they wanted, the time and space to do it and a everyone got their own time to be the most important subject to the photographer.

If your backyard is not a good place for pictures, find a familiar place that your family loves to go to. The more used to the place the easier it will be to get comfortable.