I love these images. It was the first time that Toni and I worked together. Toni and I met at a run of the mill networking event in town and hit it off right from the start. This inspiring woman showed me and everyone around her that hard work and big dreams do equal success. Our professional relationship may have started out with a single head shot, but it turned into years of adventures together.

I was hired to do her head shots and cover her 2 year celebration of her growing business. This was an amazing event. I set up the backdrop on one side of the restaurant as the event was set up just across the way. I took her head shots, some fun images of her daughter and one of the whole family as well. Then we moved onto the celebration. I learned very quickly that everyone in the room not only loved working with Toni, they also just loved Toni. I could easily see why as her smile and beautiful laugh filled the room and made the event a wonderful success.

After this event we became good friends with her and her. Not only handling a few other business events for her, I also covered her wedding and her house warming party. Getting the chance to know Toni and her amazing family has only encouraged me to dive full force into my business.  She inspires me more each day to not only work hard to be the best version of myself, but to treat everyone with love and respect.

Thank you, Toni, for picking me to be your photographer, helping to grow my business and being such a good friend to me. I look forward to our next session and our next get together.