This is one of my favorite sessions. Not just because the subject was so amazing, which she was, but because this young woman I have known since she was a little girl.

When I first started off out of college I lived in Florence SC. There was an amazing family there who took me in under their wing as I did not know anyone in the town. This family and I grew so close I was practically their 4th daughter. Their oldest Katherine who was 9 years old at the time and I bonded as I became an older sister for the first time in my life. After moving to Charleston, the family and I still kept up with each other throughout the 7 years I have lived here. When Katherine was moving on to college they called on me to do her senior portraits.

I was honored that they not only wanted me to be apart of this beautiful time in their lives, but that they thought I was talented enough to shoot her senior portraits. This was especially important to me since they were driving up from Florence just for the shoot (a town hour trip).

When we met up we hugged, laughed and caught up on life before the session began. Her dad had brought his own camera to take pictures of me in action to show the family back at home how I was doing as well. Since they have only visited Charleston in the past they relied on me to pick the perfect places for this shoot and to lead them to hidden places in Charleston. The session turned out beautifully and Katherine loved the images. I love looking back at these pictures as photographer and as a big sister to her. I am so proud to see the young woman she has become.